AKC Chocolate Parti Stud

Thor is such a sweet little guy weighing in at 5lbs. He loves other dogs and especially children. Thor is wonderful with kids and other animals. He is known for his gorgeous puppies and consistently produces tiny little yorkies. He is a chocolate parti, so he is expressing both recessive genes, chocolate, and parti. He has a coat that is incredible and a beautiful short compact body and legs. He is truly the total package. (He is also Available for stud.)


AKC Traditional Stud

Eliot is truly amazing! Weighing in at a whopping 1.8 lbs he is perfection. He has a thick stay black coat and beautiful gold markings. When people meet him it takes some convincing before they believe that he is the stud because he is so easily mistaken for an 8 week old perfect doll faced puppy. He is healthy and strong, with a perfect bite, straight back and a tiny square muscular body. He is a lover of all people and things. Pictures will never truly capture his size and perfection. He is truly dynamic. 


Merle Female

Blue Bell is a sweetheart. She has incredible blue eyes. Her body is perfect and she has a quality coat. She is so much fun to have running around and she is wonderful with the kids. 


Imported Female Merle Yorkie

Luna is our fun loving adorable little lady. She loves people and is so smart. Her coat is thick and silky. She makes the most beautifully colored big eyed healthy babies!


Female Yorkie

Sophie is our beautiful traditional colored sweetheart, she has the cutest short cobby legs and square body, a beautiful thick coat, and the perfect people-loving personality to go with her adorable little self. Sophie produces very tiny puppies!


Female Yorkie

Oakley is one of our sweet girls that will look like a puppy her whole life. She has a thick, very dark coat and a beautiful babydoll face. Anytime anyone meets her for the first time they think she is a puppy. She is one of the cutest yorkies you will ever see! She is a lover and prefers to spend most of her time being snuggled.


Female Yorkie

Hope is our jaw-dropping black and gold classy stunner! She is show quality perfection from the tips of her pointy ears to the perfect point on her tail. She knows she is breathtaking and has the attitude to go with it. Her perfect tiny build and confident personality screams ROYALTY. She is amazing!

Black Beauty

Female Yorkie

We love our sweet little Black Beauty. She has the KB gene that is so popular. She has a gorgeous coat that is thick silk.


Female Yorkie

Minni is our TINY chocolate parti princess. Often when people meet her for the first time they say she is so beautiful and tiny she looks fake. We agree she is so petite she looks like she may be make believe, but she is for real and does not let her size stop her.  Shhhhh she thinks she is huge we don’t want to tell her….


Female Yorkie

Dot  is our blond bombshell. She is another one of our jaw dropping stunners. She has a petite princess-like build and a matching attitude. She loves everyone and assumes everyone and everything loves her also. She has a thick bright white tangle free coat. She is a total sweetheart. 


Female Yorkie

Precious is a total doll face her parti colors have stayed dark and beautiful, she loves everyone and everything. There is no such thing as a stranger to her. Her beautiful doll face is the first thing people notice about this little tiny princess.