About Us

We breed healthy, beautiful and positively adorable Yorkshire Terriers.  Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment with kids of all ages. Every puppy of course comes with our health guarantee.  We are meticulous about our selected breeding parents. In a nutshell everything we do is – “By Design”.

Why a yorkie ?

1. intelligence

Yorkies are very smart. It’s one of our favorite things about them. They are very perceptive, and love routine.  They live to please their owners. Communication is easy with such a dynamically smart breed.


The Yorkshire Terrier is well known for their beautiful hypoallergenic non-shedding coat. When properly cared for, they turn heads everywhere they go.  Yorkies are a very proud breed, and the love to flaunt their looks! Grow it long or keep it short. Either way, the yorkie has a beautiful non-shedding coat.

1. Health

The Yorkshire Terrier is a very healthy breed. Thankfully Yorkies are known to have a long lifespan doubling that of many members of the K-9 family. This is one thing Yorkie owners are thankful for.

1. Companionship

The Yorkshire Terrier is the number one choice for K-9 companionship. Why is that? Yorkies are innately loyal. They have a fierce love for their caretakers. The yorkie enjoys physical closeness and social interaction. These traits, combined with their perceptive nature makes them the best therapy dogs.  The affection these little teddy bears give off is second to none.